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Gardening has been one of my lifelong pleasures. In every house I've ever lived in, I've managed to create a special garden. I started my first garden when I was in elementary school by planting marigolds in front of our apartment house.  Gardening is one of those special joys that I get in connecting with the soil.  I just love getting out there and getting my hands all dirty digging around. Each spring, I proudly boast to everyone who will listen, that they need to come see the lavender rhododendron in the front yard. Each year it puts on a flower display that brightens that shady corner of the yard. Sometimes my gardener tells me I do all his work. Of course he's kidding since there is a lot to do in a large yard.  But I take time to play in garden and when the overall effect looks nice, we're both happy.

Garden Therapy

My garden environment is very therapeutic. I've done a lot of heavy thinking in my garden.  I can get out there and just focus on a problem or situation, or when I was a student, plan a paper or a web page. Azaleas in bloom along a fence

During some difficult times when my late husband was battling cancer, I could go out in the garden and dig in the soil and come back in the house refreshed.  It really helped me get through some of those difficult and stressful times.  I don't know if it's the actual physical exertion that provides the relief from stress. I know you can't remain all stiff and bound up while you're bending over and picking weeds or tending plants. Do you find that gardening relieves your stress? Then join me on Facebook Facebook logo with comments and photos of your garden.

If you're not comfortable joining Facebook, then use the contact page for photos, comments and questions.

Try and Try Again

Folks who don't garden always say it takes too much work and the work doesn't always lead to beautiful plants or edible vegetables.  I say, well, then  try again. So much in life is like that.  Our first single efforts don't always lead to success. But with each try, we learn something new which builds until we reach some success.

These last two years I've taken to more vigorous vegetable gardening. With help, I've installed some raised beds and now have home-grown lettuce, spinach and variety of herbs. Last summer I had a good crop of tomatoes and corn and I'm looking forward to more this year. I'm already got my tomato seedlings started indoors and am looking for some warmer weather as a signal to move them outdoors. As this site develops I'll put up some pages on vegetable gardening and how I'm achieving success with these raised beds. I hope you'll join my gardening community and share your photos, comments and knowledge.